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How FreshLook Coaching Sessions Work…

If you want that ‘top of the world feeling’, and would like to develop a more confident outlook or want to make a change in your professional, personal or your emotional life; or improve your relationships or your health, then coaching can be a great tool to help you achieve this.

I normally carry out an initial consultation online using Skype, Apple’s FaceTime or a conference vehicle like WebEx. Sometimes people even prefer to do it on the phone. This can make it easier if you live some distance away or if  you are a little shy/wary of meeting new people for the first time and obviously it is easier to ‘walk away’ from if you don’t feel comfortable with going ahead.

This session is free.

The consultation will often start by using something called the GROW model to get an idea of what you are looking for help with, which looks like this:

Goals/objectives – what are they? – (I help you to identify them if needed?)
Reality – how realistic are your goals/objectives in your current situation?
Options – what options are available to you to achieve them?
Will – do you have the will/what will it take, to see these objectives through to completion?

My overall aim is to help you achieve your objectives, by understanding where you are now, where it is you are want to get to and then helping you to overcome any barriers/obstacles that might prevent you from doing so. I do this by helping you to plan a series of actions over a specified period of time, which can be adjusted as and when needed to ensure success.  

The most important part of the whole exercise is that it is about you. It is important that I help you carry out the actions for you, not for me carry them out for you.  In that way, you will build the confidence and gain the necessary knowledge and skills that you need to apply them to current challenges and those that you may wish to take on later in your life or career.

Once the initial consultation has been completed, I work out how many sessions will most likely be needed and if any additional materials, specific profiling, or other aids may be necessary to complete the plan that will result from it. I will then quote you an all in price per session. I find that 4-6 sessions are often the norm, (although this is not written in stone) and after the first 3-4, I conduct a review to make sure that the coachee, i.e. you, are happy with the way things are progressing and whether the aims and objectives are on track or even close to completion.

There are no long contracts to sign up for and I only charge for sessions needed…plus you are free to cancel at any time.

Coaching, if you are ready for it, can help you unlock your potential and live your best life ever…

Please contact me now to book your free consultation:

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