FeesMy fees are not fixed but tailored to each and every individual clients needs and circumstances.

When you start working with me, I will help you understand how I bring enormous value to my clients lives… and that I only charge for the work that I do with you and no more…(you are always free to end our agreement at any time…)

The initial consultation is free. During this meeting, which usually takes about an hour, we chat about your current situation, and find out whether we are right for each other. People sometimes tell me about profound shifts taking place just as a result of this initial consultation. It could be a conversation unlike anything you’ve experienced in years.

When we decide to work together, I will make you a proposal based on a number of factors, all of which will be unique to you. Whatever your budget is, I can usually find a way of helping you.

My clients and I work together, and often their lives change beyond recognition. This opportunity will cost you more than money though. I will need your energy and commitment as well.

Let’s talk when you are ready… and if you really want it…your life WILL change.

Please contact Steve to book your free consultation:

By email – steve@freshlook.coach

By phone – 07960 993359