Health & Wellbeing

‘The Creative Dynamics Health and Wellbeing Programme’ Health and Wellbeing in the workplace isn’t just about feeling content and maintaining a good work-life-balance, although these are certainly essential components. Promoting health and wellbeing is also […]

How Business Coaching Works

A valuable business coaching session will entail a spectrum of techniques to help you download all the questions, issues and ideas that fill your mind. Whether you have ambitious plans to grow your business, enter […]

What I Can Offer You

Life Coaching: Are you feeling stressed or anxious? Would you like to develop more confidence, or a happier personal and love life? Are you searching for more creativity, meaning and spirituality in your life? When […]

Summary Of Services

FreshLook provides a consulting, coaching & training service for indivduals and businesses alike. I have provided a complete list of the services I provide which can be accessed from the menu under Our Services or […]