How Business Coaching Works

Business Coaching

A valuable business coaching session will entail a spectrum of techniques to help you download all the questions, issues and ideas that fill your mind. Whether you have ambitious plans to grow your business, enter new markets, find great people or access finance, the life of a business owner can be a challenging and lonely one. Every decision you make is critical to moving you forward – the wrong decision could be costly – even catastrophic. Having a highly professional and experienced business coach at your side can make all the difference.

Coaching is geared to making you (an individual business owner or a management team) the best you can be, drawing out the best of the abilities you already have, and developing new skills, so that you grow with the demands of your business.

Coaching empowers people. At its best, business coaching is a magical combination of structure and content which works at two levels:

Transactional Coaches hold you accountable for what you say you are going to do. Coaching allows the business owner/management team time to discuss issues, formulate ideas and develop a plan of action. Coaches will then ask ‘WHAT will you do? And WHEN by?’ And hold you accountable to it. The attention that a coach pays his client(s) is invaluable.

TransformationalCoaches will also look to identify the behaviours you have that are limiting your performance at work the most. They explore them with you; where they’ve come from; the effect they are having on you and your business; and then invite you to transpose them into a positive approach that will lead to a positive change in your behaviour and your performance…